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Jennifer Silbaugh: A Mental Health Peer Specialist’s Perspective on Healthcare

Nov 07, 2023 E160 00:20:51

It’s a mental health peer specialist’s perspective on healthcare from Jennifer Silbaugh on this episode of the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast with Rob Oliver. Jennifer is a new author, the book is called “A Dove in the Shadows,” and shares her personal journey from mental health patient to peer specialist. She is from just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a member of the Millennial Generation.

Here are 3 things that stood out in a mental health peer specialist’s perspective on healthcare from Jennifer Silbaugh:

  • A peer specialist has an advantage over a professional because they have been through similar experiences to the individuals they are assisting. The shared experience comes across as more genuine wine and trustworthy than hearing it from a doctor.
  • As with many health issues, the mental health journey is an ongoing process, even when you are in recovery. There are still struggles and challenges to face and cope with.
  • It is refreshing to be able to talk openly about mental health. Hearing public figures and celebrities share their mental health struggles helps to reduce stigma and encourage honest discussions.

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