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Maranda Holder: A Patient’s Perspective on Healthcare

Oct 06, 2023 E152 00:18:21

Today we get a patient’s perspective on healthcare from Maranda Holder on the Perspectives on Healthcare podcast with Rob Oliver. This is interview 41 from the Guinness world record setting interview marathon. Maranda joined the podcast from Chester Virginia, right outside Richmond. It is interesting to hear her perspective as it covers her experiences as a patient and as an employee in the healthcare system.

Here are 3 things that stood out as Maranda Holder shared a patient’s perspective on healthcare:

  • Stacey Epps is a healthcare hero because he was thorough, patient, and listened to the patient without jumping to conclusions.
  • Quality healthcare means that the patient is being listened to, providers are exploring multiple possible diagnoses and that care providers have a good bedside manner.
  • The healthcare delivery and medical records systems are fragmented. This leaves the patient responsible for disclosing medical history and medications. Having a more unified system of delivery and tracking would be beneficial.

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