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Mary Beth Selby: A Patient’s Perspective on Healthcare

Dec 12, 2023 E162 00:17:50

Mary Beth Selby gives us a patient’s perspective on healthcare in this episode of the Perspectives on Healthcare podcast with Rob Oliver. Mary Beth and her family live in South Carolina. Although, she has lived in many places around the United States and references the differences in the healthcare approach from each region. This interview comes from the Guinness World Record Setting patient’s perspective interview marathon. It is interview 50 in the series.

As I mentioned in the intro, we had to skip interview 49 because of poor audio quality. You can read the transcript of that fascinating interview with Kimberly Gillis on the Perspectives on Healthcare website:

Here are 3 things that stood out as we heard a patient’s perspective on healthcare from Mary Beth Selby. I will point out this fact, Mary Beth is a writer and conveyed her thoughts both powerfully and sustainably. Hence, some of these points are very short:

  • Nurses are always her healthcare heroes!
  • Mic drop moment: Quality healthcare is healthcare professionals who listen.
  • Medical professionals can improve healthcare quality by taking the time to understand each patient as a person.

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